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NEW YORK GYM: The history behind the name and logo.

On 11 September 1609, Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan Island. Hudson was a British explorer employed by the Dutch East India Company who attempted to find a Northwest Passage from Europe to China. Hudson departed Amsterdam (from the same dock as NEW YORK GYM is located) on the 4th of April in command of the Dutch ship, called: Halve Maen. 

Manhattan Island was originally settled by the Lenape tribe. The first European contact was made by Giovanni da Verrazzano who was sailing on behalf of French King Frances I. Hudson is given credit for the discovery because he mapped the area.

A permanent Dutch settlement was not established in New Netherlands until 1624. Fort Amsterdam was constructed on Manhattan Island the following year. The English conquered New Amsterdam in 1664 and renamed it New York.

Proud as we are on the location of our Gym, our logo represents both cities: Amsterdam with three red Saint Andrew’s Crosses, as well as the name of the Big Apple: New York.

New York Gym is located on the Veemkade 598 in the eastern part of Amsterdam, close to the city center. This urban development compartment is called New America, surrounded by the residential buildings with the names: Boston, Chicago and Detroit. The architectural feeling of our Gym looks and feels like New York… complete with the street signs of the Wall Street area and the Subway signing where to go to find the facilities within the Gym.. We hope you will enjoy a workout in our Gym, you’re most welcome.