Jaime II Demante – personal trainer

My approach is “WHOLISTIC”, I see the body as interconnected. For me fitness is all about the balance of it’s 11 components. You miss one, you have a hole in your game. I started as weight lifter, got into bodybuilding, power-lifting, running, cross-fit, bouldering, boxing and now I practice calisthenics and mixed martial art.

I always strive for posture, technique and biomechanics for any given movement that I came across with, which is also the teaching I use to help my athletes.

When it comes to nutrition I keep it whole food plant based. I have a unique approach on how I fuel my body, which I like to call the “art of eating”. If you would like to know more about wholistic coaching, I give a 60 minutes free introduction session. Let’s work together on a body that is pain-free, upright and able to move effortlessly.


  • Certified fitness trainer
  • Holistic nutritionist 
  • Lifestyle counselor


  • Postural integration (Posture awareness)
  • Mobility (Body work) & Stability (Core control)
  • Compound Movements (Weight lifting techniques)
  • Sports biomechanics
  • Corrective/therapeutic exercise
  • Body composition (weight management)
  • Personalized / periodized training programs
  • Calisthenics progression training
  • Hypertrophy (muscle building)
  • Massage therapy (muscle activation technique)
  • Functional training (Strength and conditioning)

Take a look at my website: www.jaimedemandante.com


06 1311 1790