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Edit Horvath – personal trainer

What exercise do you enjoy doing? What is your goal? What are your biggest challenges when it comes to a healthy lifestyle? These are some of the questions that interest me when helping and designing a program that not only makes you feel better, become fitter and stronger, but you also enjoy doing. Exercise should be fun! However, doing exercise and eating healthy is not just a 3 month plan, it’s a lifestyle that teaches you discipline, makes you more aware of your body, your mind and empowers you in your everyday life. I want to challenge you, help you find your balance, and give you the tools and knowledge to reach your goal.

About me? I am from Hungary and been living in Amsterdam for 6 years. Sports have always played an essential role in my life. I used to compete in gymnastics, athletics and kick-boxing for 20 years. I love to be active, do yoga, meditate and make delicious home-made meals. The past 10 years I have worked in various corporate jobs, so I understand what it feels like to have back pain, tight muscles and stress. I have a very curious nature and a personality that operates on high energy, lots of laughing and joking.


I am a NASM certified personal trainer. I am also a MSC Health Scientist specialized in prevention and health promotion. Yes, I do read the latest scientific articles on diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise physiology. Furthermore, I am in the process of becoming a health coach to develop myself further in the area of mental coaching and sustainable behaviour change.


If you don’t want to get tired by the time you get to the 5th floor, if you want to be able to just tie your shoes without feeling those extra kilos, if you want to be stronger and have a toned body or just want to release stress then I am here to help you.  If you speak English, Dutch, Spanish or Hungarian, we will find a way to communicate🙂

Let`s get started. Contact me for a free introduction session!


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